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    The AK-47 is a four-layered genetic marvel, as strong as a rifle fired – but not how it feels. This favored strain is "high" on therapeutic benefits. It is low on adverse side effects as it prevents the body and helps it to cure itself and offer tremendous relief from a variety of illnesses.

    Globally, with rich content of THC and it's out of the world taste, AK-47 has been awarded several awards (16 to be exact, including the High Time Cannabis Cup). The strain has become a go-to form of cannabis and a favorite in the medicinal cabinets of both medical patients and stoners.

    And it is not shocking that AK-47 is one of the most highly respected varieties in the world – if you want to get a kick-ass version, you certainly want to try it. Probably so.

    Benefits of The AK-47 :

    AK-47 is known as a dominant Sativa hybrid and has a wide range of effects and body and mind advantages. This weed blends the genetic output of four famous and influential landrace strains of marijuana: Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Thai.

    While most of the samples are Sativa, AK-47 has a specific indicia (most samples across the US inspectorate with a Sativa profile of about 65%/35%). But the high quality of the cannabis does shine since it produces flowers with the content of approximately 20 percent of THC (at least when checked at the test laboratory).

    Usage of The AK-47 :

    The effects of AK-47 weeds can best be characterized as elevating and can help to relieve stress and anxiety, which are rarely debilitating to the body or mind. This tension also helps creative types concentrate and develop their art, offering an area of protection that allows them to let go and captivate the inspiration fully.

    It helps to put the users in a mellow trance, where they may feel inspired to accomplish their day's objectives. By comparison to other high-THC Sativa, it helps to turn creativity into something and does not overwork the mind so that anxiety is needless.