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    If you have more than a tiny blackberry kush weed, you might want to make your couch very comfortable, because you will have flopped – it is a hybrid strain of marijuana leaning very strongly to the end of the ganja spectrum!! Blackberry Kush 80% Indica hybrid cannabis has been spilled out of a couple of blackberries strained marijuana, 50/50 Indica / Sativa hybrid, and the landrace of the unadulterated growth of the Afghan pure Indica plant strain in its original setting.

    Benefits of Blackberry Kush:

    Blackberry Smoking / Vaping Hybrid Cannabis Kush produces flour, pine, and fuel-oil smoke, but the taste is earthy and fruity and sweet. The effects of this hybridized strain of high THC include relaxation, mood, pain relief, and it's a delicious smoke before bedtime, as it dispels all your distressing thoughts and lets you slip out of bed and get asleep! There's the perfect way to try a Blackberry kush ganja by late at night, with less to do and an inviting place to relax!

    How does It look?

    The incredible Blackberry Kush Indian cannabis strain is renowned for its exquisite dark purple buds intertwined with deep green, yellow, and often black hues covered in orange fur. It has a strong scent of an earthy light beer aroma. Some plants have been tested for a fuel-like undertone.

    Where It Comes From?

    The directions of Blackberry Kush have been contested. Some people say it is just the Indian Afghani and hybrid Blackberry's Mom, while others claim it's an intersection between Afghani and DJ Short Blueberry. However, others found that Bubba Kush may have crossed the parent of a hybrid Afghanistan / Blackberry.