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    A salve (or balm or ointment) is a medicine-infused concoction (in our case, of course, CBD is the medicine) that’s administered directly through the skin. The CBD Salve provides powerful relief for ailments such as joint & muscle pain, along with first aid qualities to sooth cuts & Burns. It has a coconut oil base and we use only food-grade ingredients. It Is made with combination of CBD and Arnica to heal and nurture skin - can be directly applied to minor aches and pains. Buy CBD Salve online from the best place- Eczane Global. CBD salve for sale online at your price.
    USES: CBD Salve helps control and maintain:

    •    Skin sensitivity
    •    Pain
    •    Inflammation
    •    Memory
    •    Immune response
    SIDE-EFFECTS: The possible side- effects of CBD Salve can be:

    •    Drowsiness
    •    Low BP
    •    Dry mouth
    •    Light-headedness

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