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    Codeine is part of a group of drugs known as opioids. Opioids are depressant drugs, which means they slow down the messages traveling between the brain and the body. It is a pain reliever used to treat mild to moderately severe pain. It is also used, usually in combination with other medications, to reduce coughing.  Codeine for sale is available at the best online pharmacy- Eczane Global. Buy Codeine online to get the genuine quality ever!
    USES: Codeine is used to provide relief from a number of conditions, including:

    •    Moderate to severe pain
    •    Dry cough
    •    Diarrhoea
    •    Cold and flu

    SIDE-EFFECTS: Following are the side- effects of Codeine:

    •    Blurred vision
    •    Tiredness
    •    Nausea
    •    Dry mouth
    •    Palpitations

    Consult the doctor.