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    Buy G13 Indica Strain Online

    True G13 is a pure Indica strain that often appeared in the 1970s or 80s, and the Government Indica strain 13 is the same. However, the latest G-13s, which are typically contained in pharmacies, may not be pure Indica after years of interbreeding. Today, 70% of Indica and 30% Sativa are the standard G-13 strains.

    Good Effects of G-13:

    G-13 creates an Indica-style body stone that makes users feel lazy and beautiful. It is also sometimes defined as euphoric for strong brain effects. Experienced users say that this pressure increases their concentration and imaginative feeling before a couch lock. This strain also has common downsides of high THC Indica strains, such as dry mouth and skin, dizziness, nausea and some anxiety.

    When It is used?

    The G-13 strain can be used to treat chronic fatigue, pain and muscle spasm in the latter part of the day. The mood-enhancing effects can help combat stress, anxiety and depression. Some think it helps with sleeplessness. The symptoms of eating disorders, hallucinations and nausea were also used by doctors. The G-13 strain can be bought online.

    Where it is coming from?

    G-13 is thought to originate in a Mississippi research facility in the 1960s or 1970s where pure Afghani Indica clones were employed by aid from the University of Mississippi to build a super Indica strain. Neville Schoenmaker persuaded someone who worked there to cut him from one pressure, G-1 to G-23 as the story goes. The most stable G-13 has been selected. This strain flowers in a supposedly high yield in a green sea for six to eight weeks. It works very well. Sadly, real G-13 is a rare discovery, since it is only available in clone form.