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    Master Kush is also called the finally balanced flower, an index with a difference! If you intend to obtain the typical sedative gain, then Master Kush may be for you, but expect a few unexpected effects which will enhance your imagination and sharpen your senses.

    Master Kush, once High Rise name, is a delightful cross between two famous Hindu landrace strains of the Kush region, created by geniuses of the Dutch White Label Seed company. Although the origin of this product is unsubstantiated, many believe it is a descendant of Hindu Kush.

    We can understand why the world remains mad at this fantastic bud after winning several awards over the years, keeping out the Cannabis Cup in 1992 and then the following year again. Snoop Dog, who created his buntline, used Master Kush as the vital ingredient, among the great names that contributed to the success of the product!

    Where t is used?

    Fantastic for medicinal use, Master Kush's sensational physical stimulation is motivated by his generous levels of THC, which are usually between 20-24%, hits patients and recreational users both attractive.

    It is a sight of any pot lover to look at. Master Kush is incredible, with the deep green leaves that grow thick and short stalks that weave orange pistils and frozen stick-white trichomes. The buds are lightweight green and super packed with a pungent odor.

    How Master Kush effects on roots of the human body?

    Master Kush has been often identified as 'vintage,' but has an earthy scent, with subtle undertones of floral aromas that are like incense. The fragrance is intense, and when the buds are cut, a citrus odor may occur.

    Master Kush's taste is a pleasure to look at, close your eyes and make your sense wild for a deep, ground-like scent and pine flavor, with delicate citrus fruit and oak tones. Not too extreme, an excellent alternative for those who want to have a less harsh flower.


    One of the things Master Kush enjoys most is the opportunity to encourage imagination so that it is ideally suited for detailed, reflective chats and creative hobbies. This mental stimulation makes Master Kush so popular with those who battle anxiety and stress.

    Users say that Master Kush has powerful but not overwhelming Indica effects, usually with a happy sleeping fire and a considerable physical effect ideal for a good night's sleep. Master Kush is a sweet relief to those who are suffering because of an underlying illness or insomnia.