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    The legendary Indica, now available as a feminized variety! To add freshness, vigour and stability, this Northern Lights hybrid was back-crossed with its original Afghani ancestor. The result is a compact, homogenous, fast-flowering strain, producing solid, highly resinous buds that cover most of the plant by harvest time. This new crossing improves on the standard Norther Lights Feminized seeds flavour with strong notes of lemon and juniper. Northern Lights Feminized Seeds for sale can be seen at Eczane Global. Buy Northern Lights Feminized Seeds online, without prescription here at nominal price.

    USES: It is useful in treating stress, pain and depression, followed by euphoric high buzz.

    SIDE-EFFECTS: The adverse effects can be:

    •    Dizziness
    •    Sensory distortions
    •    Dry mouth
    •    Dry eyes

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