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    Omnadren, for all intents and purposes, is an almost identical twin to the Sustanon product. Both are oil-based injectable solutions of Testosterone that contain a mixture (or ‘blend’) of 4 different variants of esterified Testosterone in a particular concentration/ratio for each. Unlike other steroids that provide an instant boost and dissipate over time, Omnadren actually continues boosting testosterone levels over time. Buy Omnadren online at Eczane Global. Omnadren for sale, at the best place at the best price!

    USES: Omnadren is used:

    •    To boost sexual drive in men
    •    To increase testosterone levels

    SIDE-EFFECTS: The side-effects of Omnadren are:

    •    Oily skin
    •    Hair loss
    •    Aggressive behaviour
    •    Sweating
    •    Acne

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