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    Thiopental is a barbiturate that is administered intravenously for the induction of general anaesthesia or complete anaesthesia of short duration. It is also used for hypnosis and for the control of convulsive states. Thiopental does not produce any excitation but has poor analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. Small doses have been shown to be anti-analgesic and lower the pain threshold. Eczane Global, the best online drug store, whereyou can buy Thiopental online, Thiopental for sale assures with 100% assured quality.

    USES: Thiopental is indicated for:

    •    anaesthesia
    •    hypnosis
    •    the control of convulsive states
    •    reduction of intracranial pressure on patient

    SIDE-EFFECTS: Common side effects of Thiopental may include:

    •    Drowsiness
    •    Shallow breathing
    •    Slow heartbeats
    •    Chills
    •    Bronchospasm

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